Dignity, Privacy, and Protection
to the homeless.


The Problem:

Even before the Covid pandemic began, there were hundreds of thousands of homeless people in the United States. Job loss and economic hardship due to the crisis took a toll on thousands more, forcing many to struggle to pay their bills and face homelessness for the first time in their lives. Sadly, there is not enough permanent housing to go around and many shelters are full. People have nowhere to go but the streets and are forced to sleep out in the cold and exposed to the elements in highly unsanitary conditions. No person deserves to live in such a harsh and undignified environment.

The Solution:

Our goal is to give people experiencing homelessness a place where they can have dignity, privacy, and protection without sacrificing mobility. At Homes2Go, we don’t know how to end the problem of homelessness, but we came up with a way for people experiencing it to have access to easy-to-assemble and mobile temporary shelter. The Mini Homes2Go cart has six main functions...

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Meet The Founder

Jordan Szigeti-Larenne

Hi, my name is Jordan Szigeti-Larenne, I am 17 years old and am currently a senior at Woodbridge Highschool. Throughout my life so far I really loved helping others. It brings me great joy to see how my actions can really brighten the lives of another person. I've been working on this project for almost a year now, and after developing many prototypes and solving many design issues, I am very excited to start building and giving these out to people who really need it.

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The Homes2Go idea has been featured on multiple news publications throughout southern California. Check out what people have to say about us!

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