Our Story

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From the beginning, this has been a grass-roots family project that started with my desire to do something to help those in need. I’m fortunate to have a safe and clean place to live and it made me sad to realize that there are so many people who aren’t that lucky. When I would see homeless people in my community, I felt helpless until the idea of the cart started to form in my mind. It seemed there had to be a way to provide something more useful than a shopping cart and more mobile than a tent. I began tinkering with prototypes in my dad’s garage, first with a concept made of wood, then more evolved concepts with metal, plastic tubing, and fabric. The current design is a labor of love that got better with each iteration as we thought of other features to add and got valuable input from many people.

Showcased @ Yes We Can Worship Center LA

Our Solution

Our goal is to give people experiencing homelessness a place where they can have dignity, privacy, and protection without sacrificing mobility. At Homes2Go, we don’t know how to end the problem of homelessness, but we came up with a way for people experiencing it to have access to easy-to-assemble and mobile temporary shelter. The Mini Homes2Go cart has six main functions:

It is constructed of a metal frame built onto 10 inch wheels so that it is very portable, sturdy, and rugged.
It has storage capacity that consists of two 5 gallon buckets and two large soccer ball bags.
It provides a place to sleep and relax with a 6 foot fold-out cot that is easily stored and secured to the cart and raised several inches from the ground to prevent the cot from getting wet in rainy conditions.
It also features a pull-down bucket that is covered with foam tubing and can be used as a makeshift toilet.
It includes a weather-resistant cover that can be secured over both the cot and the toilet to provide privacy while sleeping and using the restroom.
Everything can be stored away on the cart within a profile that is smaller than a traditional shopping cart.